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The Word declares that God provides seed to the sower. (2 Corinthians 9:10)


I believe that as I sow, I shall reap a harvest.


I believe that as I sow my church will advance the Kingdom of God. My church will have Greater Evangelism, Greater Outreach, Land Acquisitions, Schools and Ministries, Employment and Empowerment.


I believe that my finances shall increase.


I believe God for checks in the mail, raises and promotions, new businesses and streams of income, interest and inheritance, discounts and dividends, lost money found, bonuses and breakthroughs, sales and commissions!


I declare all my debts shall be paid and I shall walk in financial freedom.


I believe that as I sow, I shall reap!


I call myself and my family blessed. I call my job and my businesses blessed. I call my home blessed.


Father we honor you with this gift today, a portion of our financial blessings. We thank you for the harvest that is coming through this seed.


I speak prosperity now! In Jesus name.