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    BreakOut School

    Every month
    BreakOut School of Ministry
    • 2 to 3 Year Program for Ministerial Equipping & Preparation
    • Access to all classes to take at Your Own Pace
    • All Course Materials & Resources are Included
    • Pastoral Guidance and Counseling Through the Course
    • Access to Exclusive Ministry Resources & Updates
    • School App, Student Messenger Chat
    • Membership with The BreakOut Church
  • Become a Member

    Start Church Membership with The BreakOut Center
    Free Plan
    • BreakOut Membership is *No Cost
    • Exclusive Updates and Community resources
    • New Members Classes
    • BreakOut Daily Videos with Prophet Michael
    • Pastoral & Prophetic Counseling
  • Leadership Team

    BreakOut Ministry Leaders & Volunteers Only
    Free Plan
    • Leadership School
    • Leadership Central Page
    • BreakOut Center Mobile App
    • Access to Exclusive Ministry Updates
  • Pastoral Counseling Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Plan for regularly scheduled Sessions

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