The Soul Collector!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Sounds like a horror movie where a serial killer is out to take souls, or the grim reaper is out to get you. It almost reminds me of the movie final destination where death made its way back around to you to finish the job that was interrupted... and death has come to take your soul!

Although this blog is not about a serial killer or the grim reaper, on the contrary today its about Gods process in our lives. That means that God is the soul collector. And he has a process in effect in our lives that is imperative to our development.


The bible says to walk out your souls salvation with fear and trembling, that doesnt mean that the grim reaper is after you but it does mean that we need to fear God and the seriousness of his call. The fact that we are saved and our spirits have become brand new (1 cor. 5:17) is only the begining of our process, there is still a soul that needs renewing, sanctifying and saving.

The Bible says that our spirit is the candle of the lord (prov. 20:7)... when we think of a candle we think of light, the kind of light that makes a dark room begin to become visable. And thats what our spirit is to our soul... lighting the path before us. Our soul is a place in us and a projection... Its a place that holds our will and emotions and houses the output of our life, and its is a path before us - a daily walk of our days in time and an every moment i