Word On Fire Revival & Breakout Outreach Launch!

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

"IGNITE THE FIRE IN YOU!" Was the headline for our campaign as we launched out to begin a new ministry outreach in Cleveland Partnering with "God is Real Ministry" and Several other Local ministers as well. God spoke throughout the launching of this outreach and gave instruction through the trial and error of developing what he had in mind for us as ministers and leaders, and for what he had in mind for the city. Little did we know that such a outreach would challenge us for growth maturity, and unity the way that it did. We look back on this year with gratitude and a humble heart at the vision God released, and we look forward to what God has in mind for Word on Fire Revival Ministries and Cleveland as a whole! Take a look into some highlights from this past years vision and ministry season.

Things started with prayer as my wife, our prayer minister Philip Amedanu and I united in over the phone conferences for almost three months. There we labored on what it seemed God had laid upon all three of our hearts. It turned out for an event to happen within our hometown in Cleveland Ohio. God brought us together in a divine way as we began to seek him and brainstorm about what he could have in mind for us to unite to do in 2016!

God spoke to us specifically and projected an amazing dual vision that First Lady Aqueelah was able to dictacte:


A vision of revival and awakening. A renewal of the courting season we all once had with Christ.. a vision that involves the churched and unchurched to fall in love with Christ all over again and for the first time, bringing to light the season where our love was fresh, our hearts were pure, and our feet were far from weary. A vision of encouraging people to break away from old concepts, and renew their way of thinking. Cutting the ties of religious strong holds and gaining a new understanding of God's love and grace and challenging old and outdated religious views. A vision that is all about a new generation of Christian and a new generation of ministry. It's about building not just a church but an army for Christ and actively marching that army into battle. It's breaking down church as usual to expose God's truth! AMEN!

We took the word to the streets and ministered to several about re-igniting their fire for God, and prayed for sev