Breakout School
Of ministry

FALL Classes Begin September 5th 2022!

What is BSM?

The BreakOut Scool of Ministry is a One & Two Year Ministry Program designed to prepare & equip the the fivefold minister. This Year we have an online program that will meet you right where you are! Opportunites for ministry & internship are also available with enrollment in our courses.

*Founder & Pastor, Prophet Michael Watson


Online classes

Our Messenger Style Classroom is designed to meet students exactly where there are any time daily & provides direct access to the instructor and interaction with other students in real time.


Courses can be taken daily or take at your own pace.

With the Student Forum & Archives - Programs do not have to be completed within the year. In other words - there is no rush. The course is designed to meet any schedule and any pace!



Any books & course materials are included with registration and tuition.

24 Classes will be taught over a total of 6 months for two 3 month seasons during the course year. 

Courses are specifically designed differently every season as the Holy Spirit leads.


Classes integrate weekly with online & in-person services at BreakOut Church

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Lesson Archives

In addition to the messenger classroom, access to all classes will be given to students on a BSM Private Playlist on youtube to take and Retake Weekly Courses on your own time.


1 on 1 Guidance Counseling Scheduling will be available to all online students during the course seasons.

(Meet with an Enrollment Counselor today for questions & enrollment)


Students will have exclusive access to ministry resources, registration for conferences throughout the year. All completed seasons will earn Seminary/Bible School Merit at Graduation Services In-person & online.

Registration is Simple!

1st, 2nd year, and Internships Programs will be available upon each students progress in the course. See Curriculumn below

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ONE YEAR Curriculum
Fall Season 2022

Sept 5th 2022 to Nov 25th 2022

1.) Intro to Ministry
2.) Spiritual Leadership Principles
3.) The Spirit of Servanthood
4.) The Life of Faith
5.) The Life of Honor
6.) The Life of Prayer
7.) The Life of Worship
8.) The Church
9.) Kingdom Business 101
10.) Bible Study Devotions
11.) Mental Health 101
12.) Prosperity 101

oNE YEAR Curriculum
 Winter Season 2023

Must Complete1st Season to Start

Jan. 2nd to Apr. 28th 2022


1.) Kingdom Principles

2.) Spiritual Warfare

3.) Demonology 101

4.) Healing 101

5.) Revival 101

6.) Deliverance 101

7.) The Gifts & Callings of God

8.) Ministry Gifts

9.) Spiritual Gifts

10.) Preaching 101

11.) Teaching 101

12.) The Intercessor

2nd Year  ministers program

Must Complete 1st Year to Enroll


1.) Pastoral Counseling
2.) Wedding Officiation
3.) Church Planting
4.) Independent Publishing
5.) Moves of God
6.) Bible Interpretation
7.) Bible Doctrines
8.) The Ministers Life
9.) Ministry Positions
10.) Facebook Ministry
11.) YouTube Ministry
12.) Messenger 101
13.) Wix 101
14.) Ministry Media
15.) Ministry Marketing

16.) Ministerial Ethics
17.) Business 102 - Organizational Structures
18.) Prosperity 102 - Budgeting & Investing
19.) The Church 102 - Church Models
20.) Ordination & Licensing